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Asian Law Student’s Association (ALSA)

For legal and non-legal students to raise awareness on pertinent legal issues, gain real world knowledge and network.

Book Club

The Book Club provides a platform for readers to connect and discuss with one another about books through active reading and self-written literary works. The paragonic highlight of this club includes lending books among members of the club, exchanging of books during meetings, renting one’s own books and selling second hand books besides informing others regarding the latest news of book sales.

Law Society

The Law Society strives to engage in various academic issues and pertinent discussions that relates to the legal fraternity and our home, Malaysia. We seek to enhance your college experience, by bringing opportunities to you. We want to expand your scope of exposure to topics beyond the classroom that touch on the current legal advancements. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet lawyers of different areas of expertise and engage with them personally through talks, social events, workshops and more.

Mooting Society

The Mooting Society aims to expose you to formal litigation and hone your oratory skills. Mooting is the verbal presentation of a legal issue or problem. It’s an exercise designed to give students the closest experience to appearing in court. Whether you plan a legal career in the future or wish to develop your advocacy skills, mooting provides social and educational value.

Debate Club

Enjoy presenting your opinions in a constructive manner? The Debate Club welcomes those who enjoy presenting their opinions in a constructive manner (no, you don’t have to major in law to debate). If you have a view or unique perspective on a certain issue which you want heard, please join us at our weekly meetings. We welcome prospective members of all experience levels to join our club. We’re very alike, you and us. We’re competitive; we love stylish expressions of logic, and great conversation. We love to challenge ourselves by challenging others, and live for the fight.

Chinese Debate Club

This is a great opportunity to improve your mastery of the language and become a very confident Chinese speaker. The Chinese Debate Club aims to promote multiculturalism through the development of Chinese debating on campus. It also provides you with a platform to learn Chinese language and culture.

Leo Club

The Leo Club is a youth service club organisation. It empowers you to serve the communities around us, provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through other member clubs. We hope not only to make our Lions Club and BAC proud, but also Malaysia. Come join us at our weekly BAC Leo Club meetings and empower yourself.

Japanese Culture Club

The Japanese Culture Club aims to raise awareness about Japanese culture, deconstruct the stereotypes surrounding it and establish a community of students who are passionate about Japan. We also strive to educate BAC students about Japanese societal values, such as integrity, courage, and respect.

Korean Pop Club

The Korean Pop Club is a place for everything K-pop. This includes variety shows, movies, and dramas, and although it seems that the main focus is on entertainment, we also love Korean Culture. Come share your love for K-pop and your fandom(s)! We promote a fun environment where members can share and learn dances, songs, games, and more from South Korean culture.

Indian Cultural Society

Fascinated with Indian culture? The Indian Cultural Society of BAC provides avenues, for those who are fascinated with Indian cultures, to celebrate and share in its diversity and to stay connected to her traditions, heritage and innovations. Through regular social and cultural events, the organization aims to create fellowship among its members and foster strong relationships in the community.

Punjabi Society

The Society aims to provide a wholesome, enjoyable experience of Punjabi culture. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Sikh, Punjabi or not, we welcome anyone, no matter your background – we are an inclusive and welcoming group who want to show the world how amazing Punjabi culture is!

Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club aims to showcase your talent in various performing arts such as dancing, singing and theatre as well as to develop skills needed for the creation of visual and performing art work. The club also aims to provide opportunities for you to perform at various events.

Basketball Club

The Basketball Club of BAC aims to provide an environment for students to unwind ensuring both physical and mental development. It also promotes positivity and respect for each other, not only creating better players, but better people. We make sure every training session is an opportunity for students to develop an enjoyable and rewarding experience in the safest possible environment.

Bowling Club

This club’s main aim is to give exposure to all students about bowling and not just strive academically but strive in co-curriculur activities too. This club promotes the bowling game among students and bowling sports is recognised by the Malaysian sports institution. This club provides standardised rules and regulations to ensure bowling is made fair and fun for everyone. The club stands for values that include commitment, innovation, integrity, inclusiveness and fun. The benefit of bowling is weight loss, muscle toning and strengthening, reduce risk of disease, a sport for all ages and improve social life.

Futsal Club

The Futsal Club’s main aim is to positively impact the development of sports for the college by providing equal platforms for all students of BAC to participate in this beautiful game. Besides, this club strives to encourage students with passion for the sport to unite and be active in sports while studying.

Volleyball Club

This club prioritizes the development of the whole athlete where our main purpose is for players of all ages and gender to gain more than just basic volleyball knowledge and skills. The club’s top priority is the athlete’s overall well-being and success off and on court.

Badminton Club

Badminton Club gets students in touch with the sport of badminton. This is a club where students compete with each other which instil a sense of sportsmanship.

Career Club

The Career Club’s empowers you with a range of career related skills to help you transition into the working world whilst facilitating direct access to top Malaysian employers and multinational companies. Offering career exploration programmes, internship opportunities, interview skills and resume writing skills, the Career Centre utilises creative programmes and activities such as the Diplomacy Talk Series, career fairs, on-campus recruiting visits, industry panels and weekly career talks.


Recognised by the Malaysian Bar Council, this union is established to promote the interests of all Malaysians studying law in the UK. KPUM serves not only as a platform for law students to meet potential employers and future colleagues but it also aims to provide students with opportunities to stimulate intellectual curiosity and knowledge about Malaysia’s local legal scene.

Model United Nations Club

The MUN is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. It involves research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities. Anyone interested in improving their understanding of international relations are welcome to join.

Make it Right

Make it Right is a movement powered by BAC which seeks to do exactly that; Make It Right! We seek to leverage our resources – be it money, time, talent or human resources – to inspire a positive change in society. This movement ensures that we work in tandem with our chosen communities to ensure their long-term sustainability and growth by leveraging off the Malaysian public’s commitment to social services.

Student Council

A vibrant organisation run by students for the benefit of the student population of IACT College. The organisation gives you the opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out college activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to college spirit and community welfare, the Student Council is the voice of the student body.

Victorious 10

Do you enjoy playing sports? Join the V10 (Victorious 10) and enjoy recreation, instruction, and competition in a range of sports-based activities.


IACT PARTS (short for Performing Arts) Club is specially set up by IACT College as an avenue for creativity to be openly expressed. It is made up of 4 different areas: Theatre, Dance, Instrument, and Vocals.

Christian Fellowship Club

A community of believers consecrated to Jesus Christ. We focus on God, by prayer and His Word and we focus on man, by fellowship Christian Fellowship (CF) comprises of vibrant, God-loving Christians who aim to cultivate stronger faith through worship, bible study, fun discussions and fellowship.

S.O.S (Serving Our Society)

A community of believers consecrated to Jesus Christ. We focus on God, by prayer and His Word and we focus on man, by fellowship Christian Fellowship (CF) comprises of vibrant, God-loving Christians who aim to cultivate stronger faith through worship, bible study, fun discussions and fellowship.


The Exposure Video and Photography Club is a premium club, created as a platform to share experiences and development of video and photography skills. So whether you’re using your phone or a state-of-the-art DSLR camera, there’s a warm welcome for you in the society.


This platform will showcase your talent in various forms; be it in photography, writing or videography. Inksight also serves as an information hub to keep both IACT College and the non-IACT community abreast on the latest news and trends affecting the creative communication industry.
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